Updated on 16th of June, 2018

You must accept these terms when you access our site. We can right for changing, updating, adding, removing terms everytime. Changes is applied imediately without notifications. If you continue using our site, it means you agress with those changes. Please check our terms usually.

General Terms

  • Communicating with other users of Coursedy's services should not harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, obscene, harmful, or invasive of another 's privacy. It is strictly forbidden to offend, ridicule, denigrate, discriminate against religion, sex, race, etc. in any form.
  • Strictly forbid all acts of propaganda against and distort government, political institutions, and state policies ... In case of detection not only deleted the account but we can also provide User information (NSD) that the authorities to handle under the law.
  • Absolutely not discussing political issues, religious discrimination, racial discrimination. There are no behaviors or attitudes that impair the reputation of Coursedy's products, services or courses in any form or manner. All violations will be deprived of all interests related to the account or dealt with before the law if necessary.

Instructional Materials Copyright

  • All teaching content including slide lectures, videos, ... are under the intellectual property of Coursedy or direct teacher made.
  • The duration of use of course materials is permanent.
  • Participants are not allowed to share, distribute in any form without Coursedy's consent.
  • Video, slide lectures, quiz Coursedy provided directly on the website, can not download. Coursedy ensures the quality of transmission so that students feel comfortable learning with the internet. Any deliberate download, system attacks if detected will be dealt with at the following levels:
    • Warning.
    • Remove student account, no refund of tuition fees.
    • Prosecutions for copyright infringement, and network attacks.

About User Account (TKSD)

  • TKSD is responsible for keeping account information secure, If the information is disclosed in any way, TKSD must accept the risk arising.
  • When detecting Coursedy's user error please notify us by email or call the operator. When detecting a Coursedy's erroneous, notify us via email or call the operator.
  • To exercise other rights and responsibilities in accordance with the law of Vietnam.