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About Coursedy

Coursedy is an online learning platform. We connect the best educators with learners, provide a new learning experience to our learners. We are empowered by technology to transform the way we learn from traditional to new model. Our vision is to become a reputation education marketplace.

learn by tablet

For learners

  • You can interact with your educator during the lesson. You can ask them immediately once you don’t understand anything in their lessons or material.
  • Can learn anywhere and anytime with your laptop, tablet or mobile.
  • Only pay as you learn. Money-back guarantee after trial if the course does not satisfy your expectations.
  • You can choose your best quality educator. Clearly understand what you learn before joining course.

For educators

  • Can teach anytime and anywhere with the laptop, tablet.
  • You are the owner of courses. Don’t have any restrictions. Teach by the way you think best.
  • Flexibility time.
  • Earn money by your knowledge. No limit how much money you can earn.

How to learn

Search courses
Search the course you expected and find out about the Coursedy teacher.
Choose the right course
Read the course details carefully to ensure that the course meets your requirements.
Course enrollment
Once you have read and understood the course. Enroll in the course with Coursedy.
Receive notice of course
Coursedy will send your registration information to the teacher. You will receive all information related to the course once you enroll in the course.
Receive notice of course schedule
After the course has enough students, the teacher will start teaching the course. We will send you a scheduling notice so you can schedule time and read ahead of time.
Join the course
You will learn on the Coursedy system. The system will send a notification to you to attend the course on time.

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